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Why choose DF Express?

DF Express was created by people like you.  Our founders went through the same hardships that you have gone through.  As a business owner, making your customers happy have to be priority no matter the what you sell.  However fulfillment services promises you the ocean but dont even deliver a puddle.  

We understand that this is the one area where you need a partner to help you grow. We take pride in our services and will work with you no matter your budget in making sure that you always get the best service you need in order to grow.   

Pledge to Quality

We are dedicated to bringing you the best service we can possibly provide. You can try us for 30 days.  If you you’re not happy after that, we pack all your inventory for free and ship it back to you! 

 Best Deals

We are constantly working with our shipping carriers to bring you the best possible rate without compromising the SLA. Which means that when we save, you save! 

 Customer Service

You get ONE point of contact if you need to communicate with us. However, 99% of all you will need will ready available through your account.

Get to Know Us

About Us

DeltaFill provides eCommerce businesses an easy and economical way to send out packages.
We competitive shipping rates provide a web-based international multi-carrier shipping solution with competitive shipping rates for our customers that ship international packages .
DeltaFill has extraordinarily low negotiated shipping rates with our partners, allowing us to provide low rates for our customers.

DeltaFill helps our customers ship packages from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.
We work closely with our partners in order to facilitate the burden and lower the price of sending out packages in an organized timely manner.

Our multi-carrier shipping solution allows eCommerce customers to bulk print  over multiple carrier shipping labels. This significantly reduces time and error during labeling processing.

DeltaFill is both a Postal Qualified Wholesaler and part of the Global Direct Entry (GDE) Wholesaler Program.
Meaning it works closely with the United States Postal Service to help businesses with global shipping and mailing.
Additionally, approved Global Direct Entry Wholesalers facilitate the movement of items into the United States.
Basically, we have shipments from overseas location cleared by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

For more information about our partnership with USPS,
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If you have any questions, please contact us at

Why choose DF Express?

At DF Express, YOU are and WILL be our priority! Simply give us a chance to show you.